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Brenda Bauer(non-registered)
Not Bayer. LOL
Brenda Bayer(non-registered)
Awesome photos & documentation on your motorcycle blog. Great trip this year with y'all. Thirsty Cowboys forever. Love ya!!
Diana Schilling(non-registered)
Great review. Thanks Rick
Janet Clark(non-registered)
Rick you do awesome work! I love your pictures. I have been playing around with photography too!
Rick, I can not ever thank you enough for creating lifetime memories for us. The pictures are beautiful and you are an amazing photographer!!! Thank you so much for everything you have done. We love you guys and value your friendship and skills ;) very much!!! Love Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Eichholtz xoxooxoxooxox
Kea Jane Smoot(non-registered)
Wonderful Photos
April Lockett(non-registered)
Your pictures look great. The clarity and the colors are really so good.
Barbara & Gary Snider(non-registered)
Great pics Ric, I didn't realize you were a photograher. I remember you mentioning that is how you recognized Mike Farabaugh name, but I didn't put 2 & 2 together.
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